● [ . The Tears of the Human . ] @ Saturday, June 30, 2007 ●

This is for the KCCO seniors. Please do read.

I know I am also an irritating person to you, but I am really happy as you all are my only friends. For the past eight years of my life, I am always lonely. Not even a single friend in my list, no even a good buddy. Everyone hates me, everyone bullies me. I always tried to fit in, but I guess, I am not just that kind of person everyone likes. When I stepped inside KC, I always had a bad feeling that no one will talk to me, no one will be my friend. It was true. The very first day of school, no one talks to me. Just then, when I went inside Chinese Orchestra, I was introduced by Roycelyn and Samantha Chan. I do not know what to do, as I want to join Drama too, so I took the audition, and I was kicked it. In the end, I stared at the little small group and started to think wrongly. However, for this year's SYF, you all proved to me that I am wrong. Though we had silver, we were still proud. It is hard, to get a silver. While in Ngee Ann Primary, as it is a BIG group, we were able to have a gold. In fact, I did the SYF in primary school unwillingly. For this year's SYF, I tried my very best, I want to prove that I can bring a gold, however, we did not make it. Sorry. Back to being a small group, we all cherish all kinds of emotions. Upset, happy, laughter, anger, regretfulness, all kinds. Yet, the effort was not wasted. We were able to get a silver. Thanks to you all and the KCCO members. I may never see you again, but who knows? Singapore is so small, we might meet up. Unless you go to other countries, then I am speechless. Plus this is what I must say to you:

You, the KCCO Seniors of 2007, are the greatest friends I EVER had.

Thanks for encouraging me no matter what happened before the SYF. Special thanks to Roycelyn for giving me that lecture and Faith for the first scolding she had ever done on me.

Thanks, KCCO Seniors. Thank you.

For your gift, I must use Photoshop. Yes, I will edit something. Please do wait for your gifts! Thanks!

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