● [ . We All Will Die Soon . ] @ Friday, June 22, 2007 ●

Ater watching the movie called 'The Day After Tomorrow', I was thinking,"... We better start stoping Global Warming." In fact, we all are sweating like crap in Singapore. I will give you the articles about the natural disaters I saw in that movie. Here goes:

Global Warming:
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Please do have some heart to read all of them and understand. I don't want to die in this horrible world just like that. You may think that I am crazy and shit but just think of it. If you want to die by being smashed by the ice or freezed to death. Not my problem. Poor wolves. >:

Because of these natural disaters, they are starving. For God's sake. I can't stand it. I am not going to litter anymore. I do not want to die by being smashed by ice or shit. No way. Unlike the thinking of those idiots, I am supporting the Anti Global Warming team. D<

So, Chinese Orchestra today and stuff. I was hyper. No ideas why. I saw Rachielle though. Yeah, we went crazy because I was hungry and I had a paper in my hand. So I asked,"... Is this paper edible." God.

Ta for now.

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