● [ . Cosplay Event . ] @ Friday, July 13, 2007 ●

I have changed the layout again. Omg, I was sick of the last one. I noticed that the previous was VALID. No wonder my blog post were like ... bish. Anyway, yes, I am going to the cosplay event today! Weeee~
If you don't know what is cosplay, click here.

It is being six long and terrible months since I last cosplayed, but I am going to cosplay this EOY. Soon, it will come. I will be there in Aliza's outfit from RO. However, I do not know whether I have enough time to finish up the costume. Wait, I have not even started. >_>;

For today, I hoped Hazel won't be running around screaming, " OMG, THAT IS SORA, I MUST TAKE A PICTURE!! OH WAIT, THERE IS ROXAS TOO! OMG THAT IS YUNA!"

... I hope. T_T;;

Tomorrow ( or Today ), I will post A LOT OF COSPLAY PICTURES.

Beware. =x

Ta for now.

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