@ Sunday, July 08, 2007 ●

Yesterday, went for EMDD. Okay, when we were there, most of the time, we did nothing. ^_^
BOO. Just joking. So, the WHOLE Chinese Orchestra were split into three groups and the waiting room is SERIOUSLY small. It simply reminded me of a small little hotel room. x3

After the starting performance, we went to the 'small' waiting room and had a 'party'. No, not really a party that goes 'WEEEE, I WANT POTATO CHIPS, GIVE ME NOW OR I WILL THROW THE COKE AT YOU' , it is just eating. So, after that, we just do whatever we want. Drawing, listen MP3 Player, walking here and there, etc. Then, it came to the finale. we ran towards the audience, bow, and run back. Then I saw Rachielle, my 'doll' of that day. We hugged each other and sang together. Well, Samantha stomped her foot like somewhat, a giant. o_o. So, we called Samantha 'Moron 1'! I forgot who is 'Moron 2 '. x3

After we ate dinner, we went back to the waiting room and did make-up. Seriously, I was playing make-up. Eyeshadows, blush and lip gloss. After all that, I was like,"... No more? Darn, no fun. >_> "

After the thrid performance, we ran back to the waiting room WITHOUT our shoes. ( The floor was DAMMIT cold. Seriously. ) One of my seniors cried because of some performance on TV. So, I became depressed and listened MP3 Player. I should have sleep, seriously. Finally, the finale came, we ran down and got on the stage, bow and run towards the back. Then I saw Rachielle again. After the Gala night, Rachielle and I hugged each other because we missed each other!!! Serious! I missed Rachielle now. >:

Then I got back home and sleep. I was tired, you know. o_o;

I have nothing to say so, I will just post a vide-

Nah, I will go now. Ta for now. Good night


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