● [ . Ghost Cinderella . ] @ Thursday, August 02, 2007 ●

Thanks to Jas Jas, I get to watch the best horror and gorey movie EVER.
.. I guess?

Anyway, 'Ghost Cinderella' is about plastic surgery. Ayasal was like, "... After watching this movie, you confirm don't want to have plastic surgery one. " Well, the movie showed LOTS of blood. Ayasal said it was scary, and when I watched it, I did not scream or anything, I just ... stone.

... Like what people from a forum said, I stone a lot.

At the last part, I wanted to cry. In my mind, I was like," Oh what the hell, why am I crying." Damn it. >__>;

I don't feel like going to school. >:
Ta for now.

CosCon is on 4th August!

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