@ Sunday, September 02, 2007 ●

Change of blog URL for some good reasons

-rolls around-

Difference between a DOLLFIE and a BARBIE doll:
1. Dollfie is Japanese and Barbie doll is American
2. Dollfie is apparently much bigger than a dumb barbie dolls.
3. Dollfie wear wigs while barbie doll does not.
4. Dollfie can have many types : tender,sleeping and normal and you can create your own, while barbie dolls are just a fucking dumb and smiling doll and it just has one type. ( Bitch. >_> )
5. A barbie doll could not stand by itself while Dollfie can(?) .
6. BARBIE DOLLS ARE FOR KIDS while dollfies are for Gothis lovers. <3

-is going to change the blog's layout in a moment's time-

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