● [ . Bored Bored Bored Bored. Plus Cosplay Stuff . ] @ Monday, January 28, 2008 ●

Bwahahaha. Boredom conquered everyone. >_>

I was looking through Dollmore and I want to buy every single thing from. Especially the Rebirth Bags. I wanted to bring them to school and scare the hell out of every single bloody idiots who see it. Bwahahah. Ownage. 8D

Alright, the Manga Society you all have been waiting ( for those who are in KC. ) will be opening VERY soon. Just wait, I am killing myself to do everything in this week. We are hiring a good manga drawer who teach us in Marine Parade CC and the fees are not quite high ( I am paying the rest, thank you. >_> )


... Actually, I didn't do much homework too. -rolls around-

Those who admires cosplay a lot and REALLY wants to cosplay, come and tell me personally. My class is 301 and I will usually roam around at the fover outside the fitness room, which is located on top of the Malay store.

Those who don't know what is cosplaying is, bang yourself on the wall. Just joking. >_>
Unless you are dumb enough to do that.
Click on the link to learn more :

From my point of view, Cosplay is to boost your coinfidence and to show off your works that cost you like a hundred bucks. If you go to Cosplay events, you will find yourself a lot of fun ( it happened to me thrice. -rolls eyes- )

This link shows Cosplays all over the world. Admire them and wish that one day, you might be like that. 8D

-makes fanclub of STJH-

Okay, have to go.

Ciaossu~ 8D


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