● [ . I Want My Chihiro and Chiyuki. D< . ] @ Tuesday, January 22, 2008 ●

I... Want... My.. Chihiro... and... Chiyuki... IMMEDIATELY.

How the world could be SO cruel over these dolls! They have like, a thousand of them? Yet, they are selling like $300+?! OR EVEN $900+?!?! Dx
I want Chihiro to have his lipring, and a freaking long black hair. Dx
I want Chiyuki to have her wings tattoo ( one devil and one angel ) and I want her to have her lipstud. DDDDx

I am imagining things. For nuts. I don't know why.

I might buy AA San for Chihiro...

( Holy crud. I am like, "I want it NOW. Dx<" )

And an AA Shi
These two dolls shall be my precious daughter and son if my parents allow me to buy them.

I was like,"... Daddy, I want a dollfie."

He stared at me and say no immediately.


I am going to WORK my ASS off till I get my pay and buy Chiyuki first. <3

I want... their eyes to be like Rozen Maiden's two sisters. xD

Like like! One eye AQUA BLUE AND ANOTHER EYE RED. Omg. I can't wait for my pay already even though I have not done anything. Dx

Watch these if you STILL don't know what I was talking about.




I want Chiyuki and Chihiro now... -chants-

Nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom. T___T;

- MasaakiMiho

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