● [ . SOY Event . ] @ Sunday, January 27, 2008 ●

Okay, the title says it all. : D
When I reached to Clementi MRT, I got stuck. It is such a good thing I saw Mishi there. Met Cageddice at the OTHER bus stop of Clementi and head off to Ngee Ann Poly! Yet, we were so excited, we stopped one stop earlier. ._.;

-reminds herself of the camping trip-

Anyway, when we reached to Ngee Ann Poly, we were able to meet Zermine. Later, Coperita saw me and waved. Okay okay! I am sorry that I did not bring the Gakuen Alice book 8! Dx

Here is some of the photos...

I knew you all will fall for Ouran High School Host Club. Geez. >_>Okay. So I ran around and take photos and my feet hurts like crap and someone stepped on my feet and I jumped around in pain. Dx


So, I went to one of the lecture room to rest and there were MANY people in there. Not as in very big big crowds, around 30 people were in there. Some played at the lecturer table, some sat down and rested.

Around 6PM, I decided to rush home because I knew my father would be angry. Yet, I got lost. Then I asked Saku-chan and she guided me to the bus stop. Ohhh~~ -shines-

Reaching at the bus stop and finally taking a bus to Clementi MRT, I met Shizu there. Though she is not cosplaying, but she just look so pretty~ xD

Might be placing all the cosplay photos in my photography blog. Updating soon lar~ Dx

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