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-slams streamroller on ground- 8DDD

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! : DDDD
Dio's Road Roller Da~ xDD

Okay. Stole RACHIELLE's quiz. 8DD
1. Who sits behind you in english?
A ... scary stalker.
2. If you could say anything to the person who has hurt you most in life,what would you say?
Ippen Shinde Miru.
3. When will your next kiss be?
210370463194725629462 years later.
4. What song are you listening to?
Persona 3 FES Opening Theme.
5. Who does it remind you of?
My Persona 3 FES cosplay team. T^T
6. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?
... I forgot.
7. Which of your friends lives closest to you?
Hazel. 8DDD
8. What CD is in your stereo?
... I don't like stereo. I love my handphone. >:
9. Has a friendship ended recently that you wish hadn't?
... What thing, what thing?
10. What did you do last night?
Drawing Orchids. Nearly killed me.
11. When you're home alone, do you listen to music?
Hell yeah. Bloody loud ones somemore. ( I will dance with Hare Hare Yukai. )
12. Do you wear contacts or glasses?
Contact lens. To scare people off.
13. Last person you ditched class with?
... Who? o_o
14. Do you like your music loud or at a reasonable level?
Yeah. Yet, sometimes, it killed my ears.
15. Are you a beach person or a snowymountain person?
... More like a snowymountain one.
16. What are you most looking forward to?
Japan Trip and Cosplay Event EOY. : D
17. What is on your mind?
18. When do you prefer to take a shower,morning or night?
Night. o_o
19. Do you watch scary movies alone?
No. Because all of my friends will know that I will just stone there.
20. What did you last eat?
... Water.
21. Hugs or kiss?
Brain popping out? 8D
22. Would you rather stay home all day,or be out and about?
Stay at home. I am tired, ya know.
23. Look out the window... what do you see?
The sea. With ships and boats and clouds and ... stars. o_o
24. What are your nicknames? Miho, Masaaki. T___T;
25. Last time you went to the mall?
12084347083264972 years ago. 8DD
-hates shopping-
26. Who last called you?
Izumi. :3
27. Last thing you purchased?
... Food. How I wish the answer is Dollfies. ._.
28. What's your favorite beverage?
Strawberry Snow Blended with Extra Blood plox.
29. Plans for tonight?
-slams streamroller on the ground-

Okay, I am bored.

Chaos Legion is a very interesting game. Just that you have to defeating like 204826073460174 monsters at level 1. Wtf. T__T

The boss at the final level scares the heck off me. It is like, the lasers shooting at all direactions. Dx

I could have my important sleep. : D

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