@ Friday, March 14, 2008 ●

A little present from me to VSCO. ;X

Thanks to you and your skills, I managed to learn something new again.

If you happened to read this, at least save it in your computer. T___T;;

This took me 4 long hours to finished it. Darn irritating, especially drawing with mouse. >:

Okay, trip to VS is the same usual thing. Go on bus, relax, look at scenery and fullstop. Once we reached VS, my mood flows... random direaction. >_>;

Can't remember what happened afterwards. Whatever is it, I remembered where and when I found that dumb piece of paper. I wanted to break down the door and walk in the room and find. Well, it is ... at the top left corner? -slaps herself- Miho! You are not concentrating on your post! DDDx

... Sorry, watching some House of the Dead 4 videos. =w=

Okay. So, lunch was ... horrible, again. Nevermind about that. So, after lunch, we went for the whole group practice. I swear, this is my first and last time playing so dramatically in front of everyone and also, I hate my sweaty hands/slippery fingers. >:

... -fast forwards all the way to the end- =w=;;

So, I gave our group leader ( ... or whatever we call ) a drawing to show some 'respect' =w=;

We took the same bus again. Back to school. So, if you noticed a girl opening the bus window and breathing heavily, yeah, that is me. Just because the medicine air flowing around in the bus is ... horrible and I want to puke and vomit, so in order to stop it, I must have fresh air.

Tomorrow is Matsuri @ VivoCity!!~~ Yeshhhhh~~

Now the problem is my camera is still not fixed. My dumb father is complaining to me saying that he has NO TIME to grab that damn camera and fly all the way to Jurong. EXCUSE ME?! I told him in A WEEK'S TIME already and he did not even SEND it to REPAIR?!.

... How can I be a photographer for Matsuri then? I am so screwed. >:

... -emos- T^T.
Curse you, be darned camera that are easily broken for nuts. T______T;


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