● The First Day of Hell. @ Thursday, March 13, 2008 ●

Oh shi-

... My Tegaki is waiting for me. >:
So, I will rush out everything in one small post. At the same time, practice my summary. Muahaha, smart 'nuff? xDD

Alright, slept at 4 AM, woke up at like 7 AM and rushed like some bloody crazy mad hagged woman. Anyway. Flowed all the way to school and sat in the bus. Flied all the way to Victoria School and ... my first expression was : Oh. We are here.

... hooray. >_>;;

So, after some icebreaker thingy, we were walking down the stairs and I was in my mind, saying," Oh. We just suffer our Hell. =w=;"

The worse yet come to the worst. There is a MASS icebreaker. So I was like,"... Oh shi-"

The first game was easy. Running around, asking whether they have pet cat and more, a bit boring, but at least allow me to loss some weight. The second game is one hell of a pain. I have not even gotten my card, and I was 'killed'. See? How easy people bully me. >_>;;

Then it was lunch. -purposely skip the 'lunch game' as she did not really do anything at all-.

When the chicken came to me, my appetite went down immediately. With the other schoolmates looking at me and snickering because I talked to Justin, even worse. So I decided to eat just the rice and dump the rest. After I finished, I felt a very very bad feeling coming up soon. Serious case. It is a good thing I did not puke. I just feel ... very sick. Anyway, back to topic.

After lunch, we have sectionals. I swear these VS-ers are damn good. Way better than us. I was like," ... Another 'Oh shi-' again" and decided to force myself to be as good as them. In the end, I archieved it. =w=;~

After everything, when we got on the bus, I merely feel like puking immediately. There was some medicated oil or something flowing in the bus and I was in the FRONT row. Oh shoot. So, in order to breathe in FRESH air, I opened the window... a bit. But it did not work. O_Q;;

Shit, when I get back home, I could see the muscles at my ribcages ( when I breath in deep ) and I could tell you that Miho is really really really sick.

... And hungry. >:

Anyway. Tomorrow is another day of Hell. Back to my Tegaki. T___T;;


-becomes hyperactive so quickly that she done her Tegaki so ... blearh-

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