● [ . M-Matsuri D: . ] @ Sunday, March 16, 2008 ●

Yeah, I just came back from Matsuri @ VivoCity like 2 hours ago.

I will upload some photos... tomorrow/later ( ... if there is time. )

Reason? Well, simply, looking at 67 photos in front of you, waiting you to make them in higher resolution so they look better and do not look like some crappy photos and you must do them in just one NIGHT?

... I swear, I will faint.

Summary ( Again~ lOTL )
It was fun, helping Karei holding her try, helping STJH holding her cake ... AND her bunny, helping Yuki-sama to hold her teddy bears ( yeah, two of them ) and ... seeing BrokenSinfulLove playing with the baseball cap/camwhoring with Faust-ed teddy bear with blue cap/doing Hare Hare Yukai or Saikyou Pare Parade and another song ... WITH the Caramellsendan dancing.

Know what? I survived the WHOLE event. WITH my phone camera. My camera broke down for some good reasons ( due to my mother's Korea trip ) and I ... can't live without it. Yet, my camera phone gave me some shits too. Crappy photography and ... blurred photos. @w@;;

At the end of the event, Hare Hare Yukai dancing was SO fun.
... Hopefully, I don't find myself on Youtube. OTL
I thought I was doing Haruhi's part at the end, but instead, everyone all show to another person and I was like,"OH SHI---"
Too bad, no Caramell dancing. >:
If there is, I will volunteer myself. 8DDd

I just don't understand WHY her hair looks so easy from far, but hard when you draw. @__@;;
I also don't understand how that hair colour seems SO different from the ones I drew. OTL

... I... will... force.. myself... to... do... her.
... Soon. >:
... On Tegaki.
... I promise. OTL

- Miho

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