● OMG. Finally. @ Tuesday, March 11, 2008 ●

The Souseiseki figurine I wanted to buy yesterday was still avalible today and so, I bought it. Ahh~ The material and every single thing of it is .. just so nice. Too bad, the character was killed by some doll which I can't remember. Ah well, at least in everyone's fantasy, she is still alive. =w=;;

Now, Miho is searching for a Yujin SR DX Suiseiseki. Anyone has it? ... Anyone? >:

Okay, about today.
... -drumrolls herself- >_>;;
Went out with Suzu to play House of Dead 4. Geezerz, she really wants to play it again and again and again. Not to mention that when I first played today, the gun was screwed up and it is totally dumb. I swear, if the gun was loosy again, I am going to bite it. Just joking. >_>;

Anyway, back to topic.

So after one game, we were tired and decided to go to Manga Oasis Cafe. Buying waffles and designer coolers ( damn, that drink is SWEET~ ), we chatted and 'played' with my new figurine. The hat of hers would not stick there. I mean, though it did stick there, but when I took out and placed it back, it would fall. It fell like three times today. Not a good sign. Plus, since it was raining, another bad sign. -headdesk-

Alright, I will sleep now. >_>;;
Dad is coughing. Another bad sign. Geezerz. >_____>


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