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I am just, searching through for Miku Hatsune's songs ( yes, a bloody big addict on that voice synthesizer program, Vocaloid 2. ) and I found something.


It is cute when Miku and Rin goes '>_<' when they are singing the fast part but Len goes '=w=;' STILL TRYING TO DRAW RIN ( actually, I am drawing on papers in real life so I can practise in Tegaki. xD ) What is EVEN cuter : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsTa2PiQowc

KAITO SINGER! Omg. SO CUTE. -fangirls- xDD

Yeah yeah, reason why I love like Kaito SO much ( Well, some girls are fangirling over him too. So, used the word 'like'. ) it is because he wears blue.

... No, not because I like red that means I like Meiko. She looks like a whore who wants to show her sexy figure. and make me jealous. T__T

More of Kaito's cuteness and his squeaky voice. O_Q; :

AND! Vocaloid Nendoroids dancing! Probably we might dance it at EOY cosplay 2008. 8D

Plus, their famous Levan Polka! : DDD
Hatsune Miku ( ... Green Onion? 8D )

Kagamine Rin and Len ( seems like there is nothing.. )

Kagamine Rin ( Onions! -throws them- xDD )

Alright! Time to sleep. 12 AM. OTL



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