● [ . THE PHOTOS ARE DONE . ] @ Monday, March 17, 2008 ●

OH FINALLY. The photos are done.

No, the Tegaki is not done yet. T__T;

I will post the best one which is Hani-senpai using the rifle and trying to shoot Usa-chan.
... Nah, I will just post some. xDI r watching juu eating joor cake. 8D

Must... Kill... Usa-chan! Dx'Nuff said? It is Hani-senpai, playing on the cow. I has beef. xDDD

I... must move on to Tegaki now. >:

Gah. T___T;

I feel SO sleepy, but I must do Tegaki, decorate my BMW journal ( ... I must win. My Vocaloids never fail me. >: ) and I must do my Chinese homework.

... Oh crap.

... -runs off to do everything NOW-

I could die of stress. =w=;;


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