● Weee~~~ -bangs onto wall- @ Wednesday, March 05, 2008 ●

I don't know exactly why my mother is grumbling because my handphone bills are still $40 and I am TRYING hard to keep my handphone bills LOWER than I expected. Hey, at least it wasn't like last time! What is the price, like $100+?! Please, learn how to appreciate me controlling myself, lady. >____>

I failed two subjects and I passed four subjects. I am still working hard. I can see black panda eyes, ya know. Oh my gosh, how the hell I cosplay when I have black panda eyes and my face are starting to have pimples and my mother is giving me more stress and so as my classmates and I need to sleep more often that I can hibernate?!

My holidays are packed all because of Chinese Orchestra. If only they allow us to have one free day like Wednesday, I can go out with my friends/hibernate at home/play House of Dead 4 with Chiddy/play Time Crisis 4 with my sister. So many things in just one day. I ... want more holidays plox. Dx

Gah. I want more sleep and more neopoints plox. >:

All thanks to my class and everyone, I am having stress. Wow. >___>

- Miho

[ . Even if the one word left behind to us who live is to be goodbye . ]

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