● [ . I r need sleep. Juu r my prey . ] @ Friday, April 18, 2008 ●

Swaying redly, redly, redly
We managed to meet, at the dream's dream's edge,
Fate began to turn
A secret that nobody, nobody knows
Fall, fall, fall,
There's no turning back anymore
Surely not even by slicing through these sins...
- Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi
from Vampire Knight

I am not addicted to Vampire Knight, unlike someone.

More like, I am addicted to Neo Angelique Abyss ( Rayne~ ) and Persona 3 ( Minato~ ).

... and Vocaloid ( Kaito~ )
... and Baroque ( Archangel~ )

Bishounens EVERYWHERE. Omg. I need some anti-bishounen glasses. @w@;

Anyway. Exams are coming, my drawing is not finished, my mother is grumbling, my art is crappy, my head is full of inspirations and more and I feel so screwed. >:


Farewell to the kisses up till yesterday
Farewell to the tender pain in my dear chest
Well, that's that; somehow, I'm living today, too
- Nobody Know
from XXXHolic: Kei

P.S : Haha~ Sammie-chan and her Watanuki. :3

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