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You may think, 'What the hell is the title talking about?'

Hmph, pathetic fool.

The reason why I hated Vampire Knights is not because it is interesting, because it became 'famous'. Example? How many people actually wanted to cosplay as Vampire Knights? Just tell me how many.

I always wanted to be special, now, they called me weird.

When people starts laughing, looking at me, I will thinking,' They must be thinking of me, saying 'Haha! Did you see the way she acted? It is like damn lame lar!'.'

See? It is horrible to be one hated person in the classroom. They just gossip, looking at that random person and will start laughing. How tangled your tongues can be? You all never think of the person you are gossiping about. You all never feel.

Don't tell me that you don't have any feelings. If you have no feelings, you are not a human, you are merely just a plain unliving object. If you laughed that this post, you merely don't know how I feel. Either that, or you are just plainly reading for nothing.

Yesh, I am emo-ing. Sorry for that pathetic long post I typed.

Yet, think about it. If you gossiped before, have you ever felt how the person was feeling?

Bah. Whatever.


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