● [ . The Sins You Have Done . ] @ Saturday, April 05, 2008 ●

ATLUS made a new game for both Wii and PlayStation 2. Phew, if it is Nintendo DS or PSP, I will cry before my very eyes.


It is like, holy crap. The theme is gothic, the character designs are DAMN nice ( Archangel. I ... just love that character design ), the meta-beings are a bit creepy, but nice.

... What's more, they named the protaganist Shinjuko again. xDDD

Phantom and Neophyte seems lovely and whatever is it, Archangel, the best. xD

Damn, first is Persona 3 addict, then Vocaloid addict, now, Baroque addict.

I love you, ATLUS. ;'3

Damn, using computer like ... 7+ hours?
Awesome shit. 8D


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