● [ . The Scariest Dream . ] @ Sunday, May 11, 2008 ●

When her vision recovered, she saw one of the scariest things. A fluffy yellow monster, its beak full of blood and sharp teeth. The owner of this monster ran to some other county. What a coward. She thought. Soon, her vision zoomed to the ground. Footprints of blood, walking towards her. When the female looked at her side, she saw a man, peaked badly at, was climbing on a wall to escape. The monster ran towards him immediately and got ready to eat him up. Knowing his destiny will be ruined, he went onto his knees and begged for mercy. Miho simply starred. She went onto her knees, looking how disaterious the monster gave the man a mercy killing even without his request.

There was when she woke up.

and realised that she is have asthma.

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