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Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit shit.

The female stared at her sketchbook. Dramatically, in her brain, she wished she could have some ideas of how to do her art now. Miho grabbed her sketchbook and pencil AND her eraser and rushed to the computer, hoping to find some intriguing pictures of instruments. Well, let's start with flute. When she pushed the search button...

A human playing a flute.
A photo with flute, but with prospective manner.
A character design, naming the character FLUTE.
A unclear picture of the flute.

"... Seriously, what the hell." she thought. Maybe, there is another picture of a grand piano with CLEARER view. After clicking the search button...

Prospective photo of a piano KEYBOARD.

A character design, naming Piano.

"... I wish I could kill right now." she dramatically sniffed and sobbed. She then went back to find something. A Dizi, which she gave up after finishing some of the keyboard. There she found at least a good picture of a Dizi. Saving in her documents, she smiled and continued doing her internet-ing.

GAH. I am sorry, I pulled an Anthea again. D:

Anyway, I want to read more Junjou Romantica. Yet, warning, it is for 18 AND above. Why? Because Miho says so. :3
Reason is that! -points at picture-

-runs away- BWAHAHA. : DDDD


Vocaloid doujinshi page one trail. >:

Want me to explain? D:

Er. I am tired to, so I will past-

... Nevermind.

Panel 1

Kaito is getting his ice-cream, as usual.

Panel 2

Rin rushed in, asking Kaito for help.

Panel 3

Rin explained how Len appeared to be sick.

Kaito says that he has an important lesson to attend later.

Panel 4

Miku left without saying anything.

Rin and Kaito nearly wanted Miku to stay and stay care of Len.

Panel 5

Rin says that she has to go to school soon.

Kaito says that he can't ( realised the door is opening? :3 )

Panel 6

Len said that it is alright, he can 'managed' himself.

Both were shocked, though Kaito seemed to be amused by Len's -cough- beauty -cough- face.

Panel 7

Kaito could not stand it and decided to take care of him ( lol. >_>; )

While Rin realised she has to rush to school. Len saying thanks?

Panel 8

Kaito and Len both await Rin's run to school

While Rin thinks of what she is going to buy with her friends.

Yes yes, page two of doujinshi is coming up, soon. Please wait. T___T;

So I am aiming... :

20 Pages of Kaito X Len ( Oh shit. -dies- )

and 20 Pages of Akaito X Kaito ( ANOTHER oh shit. -dies again- )

... and 20 pages of my own original manga. ( GAH. -kills herself- )

... -headdesk-


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