● [ . Tempted Broken Doll . ] @ Thursday, May 29, 2008 ●

I am tempted to buy Kagamine Rin and Len Nendoroid now. D:

First is Miku, now is Rin and Len. -headdesk-


Taken from xcloud's blog, thanks.Volks SEEMS to be making Kagamine Rin and Len figurines! D;

I am tempted to buy them too!~

... Yet, lack of money. -glooms-


In Vocaloid Fanclub 2, I have decided to create a cosplay group PURELY for Vocaloid. Yesh, I am going to be epic failure. D:

Yet, I am doing Len. Time to burn some fats, dammit. T___T;

Currently playing Imperishable Night by Shanghai Alice team - Touhou

Homg. It is crazy. x_x

Could hear my computer sounding 'Ti' a lot of times. x_______x;

Alright see you then~


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