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Streetfest came and pass... Well! I have a FUN day~ xDD
Apparently, that is my favourite photo for the day. For those idiots people who does not know who they are, I will tell you. Kagamine Len and Kaito from the Vocaloid series. No, Vocaloid is NOT an anime. They are 'learning' Dancho dance. 8D
Dancho Dance~ 8D v

Here is Len cosplayer, claims to named Hoshi. :X
I swear, Len looks bishounenfied and shotafied at the same time. D:

Beatifully done, desu. 8D

Anyway, the Vocaloid cosplayers went out because they want an 'isolated' place. It seems there pack of photographers seem to make their way there. Intruging.... =A=

Hitman Reborn cosplay group.


It is exciting, since Jesuke is there. 8DDDD

I will be back with more updates~ <3


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