@ Thursday, June 26, 2008 ●


and sadly, I do not dare to go out of my bed. =A=

I don't believe in ghost, so whatever. >_>;
Yet, Fatal Frame gave me GOOOD ides for art.

-shoves finger in air and does the 'HA- I GOT IT' pose
IDEASSSSSSSSSS. -shiny eyes-

For Fatal Frame, the Blinding Mask torture tool, good for 'Nightmares' :3
In fact, the blind mask is used to blind people. How it was used? That is for me to know and for you to see. :3

Okay, if you can see this, you are GOOOD.
Anyway, the way how to use the mask is just to stab the mask into the eyes. The mask has two nails through it, and it is .... sharp.
So yeah, stab the nails in the eye~ and ... ouch. D;

I am sorry, the spoilers are around here. :3

Rightttt~ :33333
You have seen the spoilers desu~~~
I just love Fatal Frame, don't mind me. xDDD

-rolls around-

Fatal Frame II is just touching. Especially when the twin's spirit jumped off. :3
... Still, the ghost in Fatal Frame I is ... FARKING scary. D;

It is like, you look up, there is a FACE on there. WTF

That dammit picture was in my mind the WHOLE night.
Watching/Playing Fatal Frame I during school days is not advisable, you can't sleep the whole night.

Fatal Frame III? I can't be bothered to watch in Youtube. : )


Ah well. -headdesk-

I want my wiggggg~ So I can give it to Yuki~~~ and ask her to take care for me. ._.;
Yesh, I am a BAD wig carer, thank you.

Tessie is coming back in August... Faster~ I want to order my costume as fast as possible. ;A;

For shoes...? I don't know. xD
Alice, damn you and your longggg hair. ;A;

Anyway~ :333

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