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Pieces of the truth
Of things that I want to tell you-
I can't even send them well to you
If I write them with the blood that stains my fingertips
Then can they spill into your heart?

Even if the one word left behind
To us who live
Is to be goodbye
- Kotodama by ALI Project from Shigofumi ( Letters from the Dead )

I am growing ALI Project addict. Their songs reminds me of a broken doll. More like, revengeful doll that uses a knife and cackles. 8D

Talking about dolls. Rozen Maiden's songs are addicting too.
Let me see...
Rozen Maiden -
Opening : Kinjirareta Asobi ( The Forbidden Game )
Ending : Toumei Shelter ( Transparent Shelter )

Rozen Maiden Traumend -
Opening : Seishojo Ryoiki ( The Domain of Holy Girl )
Ending : Hikari no Rasenritsu ( Spiraling Melody of Light )

Rozen Maiden Ouvertune -
Opening : Baragoku Otome ( Rose Jail Maiden )
Ending : Utsusemi no Kage ( The Empty Cicada's Shadow )

Go and search for their lyrics. :3

Very very victorian and ancient like. xDD

-posts more lyrics-

The walls of grief are being piled up
The god of foolishness will be revered
- Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis by ALI Project from .hack//Roots

Confession’s finger and intelligence were united
And as for your sins
Maybe lying was the right thing to do...?
- Ankoku Tengoku ( Dark Heaven ) by ALI Project from Kamichama Karin

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