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Okay, all of them came from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, thank you.

First one.

The Sonozaki twins. One of them is Mion, who is wearing the shrine dress while Shion, the yellow shirt, has commited a sin to her family. Shion wanted Mion to forgive three person, so Mion told Shion to tear out three nails.

Second one .

Torturing Satoko as she is an eyesore to Shion ( YES, THAT IS SHION. Thank you. )

Satoko was asking what Shion is going to do with her and Rika while Shion replied,"Kill." There was when Mion begged Shion to stop. Yet, Shion doesn't want to because she thought Mion betrayed her and killed Satoshi-kun. Mion did not give up and begged Shion to forgive Satoko. Shion then did not want and kept stabbing Satoko. Mion then tried to ask Shion to stop but Shion told Mion to say "Sorry" 1000 times and there is where Shion kept stabbing. Shion then asked a question and slapped Satoko as she wants an answer ( Shion... ) and after... something.. Shion kept stabbing into Satoko's right arm. Satoko then did not felt anything and Shion decides to go for the left arm. It appears that Satoko beared the pain and Shion felt weird. Satoko then told Shion that she felt regretted as she kept calling for her brother and wants to grow stronger. There is where Shion busted out in anger and killed her. Shion then remembered Satoshi's last wish, which is to protect Satoko. While she said that she failed.

Then it skipped to the part where Shion nearly died. She fell off the hospital wall and was asking Satoshi for forgiveness.

Third one

Rika fighting with Shion ( ... Gah. I hate her. )

.. :3

Enjoy the blooding bath videos~

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