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I am addicted to this song, I don't know why. xD

The singer is ... Yosei Teikoku... I think

.. oh yeah, it is. :X

Anyway, just to spark up what is that group.

Yosei Teikoku is a Gothic J-Rock group. They have released one independent album, titled Stigma, and two under the publisher Lantis to which they are currently signed. Fairy Yui is the vocalist and Takaha Tachibana (who has also worked with similar vocalist Kukui) is the composer of their songs.

- Extracted from wikipedia.

NO WONDER THEY ARE SO GOOD. I like Gothic, seriously. 8DDD

Lyrics for the First Video [ Last Moment ] :
[Be in the grip of Death.
Mercy killing.
Last moment.]

White light shines in, the same awakening repeats
Red light declares the end, will tomorrow arrive?

Why was I given the gift of life? Was I born for the sake of accomplishing something?
I offer my prayers to the gods, although no requests get through to them

Extending black feathers/wings, wavering in darkness
And the untouching pain of separation could not be conveyed still

You, who gave me memories I do not wish to lose
[speaking of] “Forget me” and the like, come now that’s hypocrisy
I wonder what a good wish would be…

The next time I wake, it may not be at a place you are at
Until the day I return to the sky, let me hear your voice

Crying out hoarsely, you screamed “don’t die”
How many times do I have remaining to be touched by you?
Is this the day of my last moment? I still want to stay inside you (inside your heart/thoughts)!
Even this kind of emotion will disappear

Lyrics :

Dedicating pledges towards gems, clasping each other’s hands
The dancing and rebelling roses entwine and split apart
Being unafraid for your sake, I seize and follow the thorns
A rondo played by the strength and depth of emotions

Inlaying pride among petals
O dancing maidens, face off till the end

The girls entrust their faith towards pure holy robes
Becoming the keys to the conclusion you saw
Weaving noble will
Enveloped in dazzling light
Until the carillon declaring the final moment,
Lead the way and battle

The two bonded by miracle are as if reflected in a mirror
A slave bound by ties that cannot be violated by anyone
I suppose those hands were extended again tonight for your sake
Noticing concealed wounds at trembling arms

Even if clear fair skin were to be sullied
O dancing maidens, unable to blossom

The girls hide their pain in pure holy robes
Although facing those that had become foes is fate
Wanting to protect you above all
No matter the number of times the body grates
Until summoned by the final bell
Battle unwaveringly

Shed tears, a myriad of colorful flowers

he girls entrust their faith towards pure holy robes
ecoming the keys to the conclusion you saw
Weaving noble will
Enveloped in dazzling light
Until the carillon declaring the final moment,
ad the way and battle

I will find the english version, nya.

Haha, yes, dollfies. I need to sketch one dollfie for my art.

... Nightmare, that is. Since the theme is 'Dream', I wanted to try something way beyond the expectations. So, I decided to make one relation to it, which is 'Nightmare'.

... Care seeing one of those dolls, carrying a big knife, getting ready to stab you? : D

... NICE. MORE IDEAS. -rushes away-


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