@ Sunday, June 15, 2008 ●


Okay, a few things I am happy about and one stuff I am upset about.

First stuff that I am happy :

I was working for the last three days, and I was able to sell ... around 17 stuff? Ah well, that is the good part. if I calculate all, it adds up to $206.20~

I ... sell things and earned... $200+?! Omg. xD

Also, I was working for $5 per hour. So, I worked for like 23 hours...

23 x $5 = $115

And I am getting my pay like, the end of the month. ( Actually, I could get it yesterday, but I just don't want to trouble the cashier, so I decided to go home. )

The second thing is...


I am SO excited~ I can't wait for October to comeeeee~

Come faster October~ I don't care whether there is examinations or what~ I want my Kagamine Twins~~~ .. and my Cosplay costume~~~ xDDD

-rolls around-

Just... just... a few more months! A few more months! And there flies my $70~ xDD

Plus! If I was able to buy the Kaito Nendoroid, I AM SO GOING TO MAKE KAITO AND LEN DO YAOI. -is VERY excited-

Third thing I am happy about is~~

I met Tsukihami ( expected? I don't know. xD ) yesterday at Bugis arcade~~

It is like, after working, I was thinking,"Hmm... Should I go to the arcade...? Probably Tsukihami is there..."

I went, and there is she, playing the 'button' game. xDDD

What an 'expected' meeting. xDDD

Okay, now one thing I am sad about is..

Hazel went to Hong Kong, and I did not see farewell or take care before she go.


Now I will be alone for one whole week. -glooms-

Stupid me. I should have woke up earlier. ._.;


Now I know why one physical hit on the Main character in Persona 3 from her is like 400 HP gone. @___@;

That book is one THICK book. Yet, she is so cute when they went to date. xDDD

Elizabeth :

... Oh~ This is what they call a "fountain"!

Minato : -sweatdrop-

Elizabeth :

I heard that I am supposed to throw money in the fountain and make a wish, right?

Minato :

... Er, yeah.

Elizabeth :

... -grabs a bag full of money ( 1 million yen, my goodness ) and pours in the fountain-

Minato :


Elizabeth :

Ah! I forgot to make my wish!

-takes another bag of money and pours into the fountain-

Minato :



Oh, and in the game, there is two fountains.

So she wasted 2 million yen in one, and 1 million yen in another. xDDD

Oh~ In the escalotor (?) part~

Elizabeth :

-walks down the escalotor-

... The escalotor went up....

Elizabeth :

... -walks down again-

... The escalotor went up again...

Elizabeth :

-ran down the escalotor-

... LOL

Elizabeth, she is stuck in the Velvet room TOO long. xDD


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