@ Saturday, July 12, 2008 ●

Shh. I am reading more yaoi. <3

The more yaoi, the merrier, the more yaoi, the merrier.

Anyway, after reading Kuroshitsuji, I swear, being a butler with three idiots fooling around the mansion and your master is just a 12 years old kid, is very very tough. Ah well.

Cosfest came and go~ and I am SO screwed.
I am not even doing my homework, and I can be SO relaxed.
Plus, Izumi requested me to do Kaito for EOY cosplay event. I want to KILL her, I tell you.

For EOY ( End of Year ) cosplay event, I will join in a competition. A freaking competition. Crap, I tell you. Why? Because we have not even think of a skit. =A=;;

Anyway, I will be ordering my costume(s) at August~ <3

Then I can at least concentrate on my studi-
-got shot-

Drawings that is. -headdesk-

I neeeeeeeeed to draw one full set of Vocaloid stuff. Some keychains and badges. =w=;

I can feel my money flying away. -headdesk-


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