● AhhhHHHhhhhhhHHHhhh~~~~~ <3 @ Monday, August 25, 2008 ●

Picture Intensive~~~ I think. Lul.

I.. just reserved four items~ <3>

Thanks to Silverwolf_X, I get to understand how the hell I actually order things online and buy it from the store. I am SUCH a noob at it. lul. =w=;;

Items I just ordered~ ( and going to starve for 3 weeks. orz ) :

Kagamine Len from VocaloidKagamine Rin from VocaloidPastel Ink from MoetanMelissa Seraphy from Chu x Chu Idol ( Yeah, they allow you to see the underwear For Hentai Jijis. )

... Kyaahhh~~~ Omochikaeri~~~ >w<~~ Also, I got this Aiko(?)'s blog.

I want that Chu Churam, dammit. D:

If I buy the non-Nendoroid form...It will cost about S$95.00. That mean another additional two weeks for me to starve.

... but I want it. However, it is only limited to those who goes for Comiket. -headdesk- Thanks for the extra information that I forgot to read. -headdesk-

AHhhhh. Study first! -headdesk-

ANYWAY. Credits first before I say anything!

Credits to Black Technology for using the picture. @w@;;

Well, back to point. :3

Yeah yeah, I know my blog is like all about anime and anime, but I love it. Also, you can't change the way how people loves things, so yeah. :3

Zetsubou Sensei from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei~ I ... want. ;A;

Done by Keroro Sergent people~ I think. LUL. Just look how big the gun is~ I want~ but it cost about S$115.. Why all damn things I want are so expensive~ -glooms-

Yoko fromo Toppa Tenga(?) Gurren Lagann~ xDD

That show is sorta hilarious. The manga just made me bored. xD

And yeah, someone cosplayed as Yoko before. Just that I can't find that picture in my computer. xD

Ah welllllllll~~~ Save more money~ Save more moolah~ Then get more for whatever I want~~ <3


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