@ Tuesday, August 12, 2008 ●

Credits to Usagi-San

No, I did not cosplay as them. I just think that the cosplay is awesomeeee. +O+~

Xrystal, Hoshi and Sfsakana did a Vocaloid team for Streetfest 2008 and this time, in CosCon 2008, they pwned again~ xD

Anyway, the 'game' they are cosplaying is called Princess Nightmare.

Got it from IGN.com. ( Copyrights issue. =w=; )

I do not really know what is going on in the game ( because I do not read Japanese ) but I MIGHT be cosplaying. Can't really say yes, because my cosplay plans are already full ( yeah, full. )

Yuki nii-san and I are deciding to keep our cosplay plans a secret. So, my section on cosplaying would be deleted by will be replaced as something else also. Who knows? Just keep looking.

Need to study maths and Social Studies. See ya~ xDD


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