@ Saturday, August 30, 2008 ●


Now is time to save more money than usual. -glooms-

I don't think anyone wants to read ths whole of my list.. .A.;;

So I will list out the list of things I need to pay

From the most expensive to the least :

Chu X Churam from Chu X Chu Idol
Hime-sama from Kaibutsu Oujo
Melissa Seraphy from Chu X Chu Idol ( Nendoroid )
Pastel Ink from Moetan ( Nendoroid )
Kagamine Rin and Len from Vocaloid ( Nendoroid )
Izumi Konata Winter Version from Lucky Star ( Figma )

List in money ...:
S$95.00 ( Chu X Churam )
S$90.00 ( Hime-sama )
S$49.00 ( Melissa Seraphy )
S$49.00 ( Pastel Ink )
S$38.00 X 2 ( Kagamine Rin and Len )
S$37.00 ( Konata Izumi )
Total - S$396.00

... Uwah. -kills self-
That means about 100 days of no eating for recess or anything.
Means about after exams, then I can pay the full sum. ;A;
-needs to contact the boss- =w=;;

Anyway. : D

I am the first of the class!~ Weird, right?
I fail about two subjects, and yet, I have gotten to the top. Very weird. xD
After the holidays, time to hit the books. =w=;;

I am SO going to die for my cosplays + figurines. SO going to die. =w=;


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