@ Friday, August 01, 2008 ●

It is Saturdayyyyy!~~ Finally~

My 13 hours of sleeping caused me to have a backache. I am such a slacker. 8D

Anyway, it is days before CAs, DAYS before my measurement for the cosplay costume, and WEEKS to SAs.

.... SAs~ Faster come and go~ The faster it come, the faster it goes. How I wish this is the end of SAs and every damn thing. I want to see my cosplay costume(s). )<

My father bought me a tablet~ So I can draw in photoshop and create some bullshit anime drawing out of nowhere

Also, I realised that those who LOVES anime will be like me or whatever but those who does not will treat those who loves anime coldly. I don't know why. Simply, because they have passion for other stuffs but not us? Or is it they can't be bothered to talk to us because THEY think our likings are WEIRDER than theirs. Bullshit, seriously.

Anyway~ I will try and install the tablet now and draw something in Photoshop. I know my tablet is the lowest model of all but, hey, shut up. I love my father for BUYING me this expensive shit and I love my father for BUYING me my camera last year. So if you want to critise on which type of tablet I am using, I have just four words.

Shut up and die.


The Wandering Path of Blood and Tears Just Kept going... and going...

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