@ Tuesday, August 19, 2008 ●

Just a few more days to End Of Years examinations!

Usually, I would be like "Hurry up and get over it."

... Hurry up and get over EOY exams now. TwT;;

Just another 3 weeks ( or so. ) and my life is FREE ( from exams ).
Then can slack for 2 dammit months ... wait, it is to do my cosplay costume too. 100 sit-ups everyday, neh? =w=;

Anyway, there is so many should I or should I not questions today. .A.;;

Should I or should I not go for remedial classes?
In the end, I did not go.

Should I or should I not make a Yam blog?
In the end, I decided to wait for the EOY cosplay to be over, then I will check it out. =w=;

Ah well. See you~ >w<

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