● Lul. I am back. @ Tuesday, August 26, 2008 ●

LOL~ I ordered another two items. I am SURE to go bankrupt.
... Wait, I still have money in my bank. =w=;;

Credits to BlackTechnology again. -rolls around-
Now I owe about like S$200+. orz

Items I just bought~ :

Izumi Konata from Lucky Star ( For someone. A precious someone. )

Hime-Sama from Kaibutsu Oujo ( Love that anime~♥ )

SO glad that I bought Hime-sama. It looks trusting~ ( Even though it is like $90 for that. )

PLUS, Chu X Churam sold outtttt!~ DDDDD:

I wanted to buy today, you know! But no more already. TT__TT

If there is a re-stock, I will order it IMMEDIATELY. I tell you. xD

For the 'dear' someone,

You thought that I hate you, but instead, I love you all as my precious friends. One clue? If you are SOOOO eager to ask me "Who are you going to give to?!"

.. One clue then.

She is younger than me. 8D

Okay, lol. =w=;;

Anyway~ I was VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY bored just now, so I did some omake. xDDD

I ... just look f**king ugly. .A.;;

I just realised that I have A1 for science~~ I was SO happy~~~ <33

Well, my science teacher gave me this packet of candy for scoring the top two for the whole class~~~ Man, how she knew I love this kind of candy?! What a good prediction, lul.

Must gambatte for other subjects! Must gambatte!~~

More like, I am forcing myself to go and study, but lazy to. Yeah yeah, I am SO lazy to the fact that my teacher is concerned about my homework and told me to stay back everyday just to pass up that homework. =w=;

What a procrastinator am I. Lul.


My mother bought some stickers from Seoul, Korea. It is like, one year or so, since I lasted touch it. All thanks to Laina who got attracted by it in the eye and asked whether she could have it. Now I want another one. DAMMIIITTTT. Laina, you owe me one sticker. Anyway, since this thing could stick on my handphone...

Yeah, I played around the stickers. xDDD

Shoosh, I SHOULD have censored my guy's name. Well, good thing it is NOT his real name. I just call him by that, lul.

Anyway~ A few more days to school holidays~ Where I could go for ECP to JOGGGG for all I care and play DDR too~

Let me copy Yuki nii-san again, sorry neh. >:

People who I WANT to go out more often~ : Izumi, Yuki nii-san, Suzu, Laina and Ryuna daughter ( Yah, I still remember you. xD )

I miss you allll~~ : Izumi ( for not going out with me. >: ), Yuki Nii-san ( DDR~ I want to DDR moreeee ), Ryuna daughter ( because you did not remember to say happy birthday to me. D< )

... LOL

Tempted to buy the Shining Wind or Shining Tears figurinessss~~~ but must pay the debt first bah. If not, kenna loa-

-got shot-


†♠♣ 不思議の国 ♥♦†