@ Sunday, August 31, 2008 ●

Miho welcomes...Melissa Seraphy from Chu X Chu Idol~ But it is in the nendoroid version.

The figurine version is ... ... Awesome. -drools-

But I can't. TwT

Ah well~ -hugs Melissa Seraphy-

Again, I will be ordering somemore~ That means the more my debts would be. OTL

Matsuri was fun because I was in a huggable mood again and I ran around. xD

People I saw in there was Yuki_loli, Tsukihami, Xeths, Yuchi, Esuteru_Akasuki, Negimized and etc etc.. Then after the event, Yuki_loli and I did a little photoshoot, Went to Long John's Silver and ate then go back home with Negimized, Yuki_loli and Yuchi.
Thanks guys! I had a lot of fun even though there are some people over there who I hate, but you all cheered me up~ xD


I just reserved another few more. -glooms-

Holy Angel Djibril Zero from Makai Tenshi Djibril Episode 3
Yoko from Toppa Tenga Gurren Lagann
and an extra Len because Izumi wants it. >_>;;
So that means...
S$95.00 ( Chu X Churam )
S$90.00 ( Hime-sama )
S$74.00 ( Djibril Zero )
S$49.00 ( Melissa Seraphy )
S$49.00 ( Pastel Ink )
S$38.00 X 2 ( Kagamine Len and Rin )
S$37.00 ( Konata Izumi )
S$26.50 ( Yoko )
Total - S$447.50
Uwahhhhhh. -got shot by herself-
I hate temptations. Alright. Just hate it. .A.

†♠♣ 不思議の国 ♥♦†