@ Sunday, August 10, 2008 ●

Naoto~ Naoto~~

I demand a Naoto cosplayer~ So I could stalk her. 8D
Just joking. xD

The whole of Persona 4 chracters... and one dumb shadow running away. =w=;

Anyway, Persona 4 is a continued ( I think ) version for Persona 3 ( ... Sound like a very obvious 'duh' ).

Yet, the evokers are not guns, but card. ( LOL. Yeah, glass cards that SMASH on your head and you go "WHUTTT." )

Something like this. It is still not released in the U.S version, so Japanese. ( Hanamaru sounds gayyyyyy ) and I am excited to hear how Naoto sounds like. ( That's why I am FAST FORWARDING everything. But no her. ;A; )

Persona 4 ROCKS, I tell you. I am SO going to try drawing Naoto. <3


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