● Study... study..... study... stress. @ Thursday, August 14, 2008 ●

I have been studying a lot. Miraculously.

It is like, the first time I studied soooo hard until my pimples are all popping out and having migrane for a few times. =A=;

I r want to go outtt~ ( ˃Д˂;;)o~

It is like AGES since I last went out~ ;A;

Anyway~ A new drawing on tablet~ More like, a new COLOURED drawing on the tablet.

Yeah. It is supposed to be Naoto from Persona 4, but I messed up the reference. xD

So, I will call it 'Original Character WITHOUT outlines'. =w=;

Now that I have my tablet, I can DRAW on the computer. Oh jeez, for YEARS, I have been DYING to draw on the computer. >_>;;

Anyway, I shall do what Nii-san did.

Elky - ... Somewhat, in some ways, I have to say, I hate you. But because of your silly-ness and everything, I love you. You dumb idiot, Miho loves you the best. <3

Izumi - You bun head~ Your shiny forehead also tells me something. I don't know why. Anyway~ I am glad that you are always supporting me ... and also calling me at night to chat about something. xD

Yuki Nii-san - Thanks for DDR-ing WITH me! And also for planning out the cosplay plans also. If not, we will just add on and on and on and on and it will never stop. Who knows? It might be going on till 2100. xDDD

Suzu TING A LING - Thanks for FORCING me to study even though I am lazy to. I know I am 'changing' in a way, but hey, we are still kids in heart. Don't worried about your incident, just ... be careful. Laina and I are SO paranoid now.

Laina - Without you, I will be suffering with HER, sitting next to HER, talking to HER, and you know who will be talking about herself and herself and herself. But hey, you make my life even more cheerful and you make me want to laugh more!

Jesslyn Jie-jie - ... If you are not there to help me with maths, I will not know what will become of me when I take that maths paper. Even though we quarrelled, fought and .. blah, you are the best sister in the world. <3

... I can't think of more. -glooms-

Ah well. -rolls away-


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