@ Sunday, August 03, 2008 ●

Yup! I changed my blogskin!~ I have also installed my tablet into the PC and drew a picture of Kureha. Currently black and white due to I am not used to the tablet.

I am SUPPOSED to meet Yuki nii-san today. Yet, I don't know where she is because she lost her handphone and she does not have a house phone.

... and I don't know whether she knew how to come to my place. Maybe she got lost! @___@;;

Anyway, back to the skin. Final Fantasy XIII Versusssss~~~~ Venus is like VERY VERY bishie-fied sexy guy. Ah well, I just wish I have a slim figure so I can cosplay. ;A;

... That will never work until I get my arse off this chair. -glooms-
Shizu seems to be like the first Singaporean cosplayer who did Final Fantasy XIII Versus. I think. Well! I don't know everyone THAT well! x_x;;

While waiting for Yuki, I shall do my Cosfest 2008 Super Henshin review. =w=;;
Day one :

The graffiti wall was started by me. =w=; Fufufuuu~

It was blank, for gawd's sake. So I just ran towards it and draw like no one's business. I am such an asshole. -gotshot-

Then I saw Rina~

With an irritating person behind her. ;A;

The event was VERY VERY crowded with like a thousand and one people inside. Yes, I got squashed. ;A;

People I met are.. :

Jesuke cosplaying as Cloud from Final Fantasy Crisis Core

Golden-feline cosplaying as Len from Vocaloid

Kirisaki cosplay as Mikan from Air Gear

Willows cosplaying as Mad Hatter from Original Character Alice in Wonderland.

Tsukihami cosplay as Mao from Code Geass

and many many more~~~ Shizu was also there~ But I can't find the photo of her in Kanda. Maybe later, I am going to be busy already.

Alright! I will let you all see the photos laterrr~~ xDD

Currently looking at some yaoi anime website like this one here...

Warning : If you don't like Yaoi, please don't click on the Graphics.

Click at your own risk

If you scream when you enter this website, serve you right. :3

-sighs- I read too much yaooiiii~~~~ In Mangafox, there is like more than 200 mangas that are yaoi and apparently, I am addicted to KaiLen ( Kaito X Len ) now. ;a;

... more please. ;A;

Ah well! -flies away-


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