@ Saturday, September 27, 2008 ●

Loook what I boughtttt~~~ xDDDChu X Chu Idol - Chua Churam~
Having been waiting for WEEKS to buy it. <3

It is an AWESOME figurine, even though it is small.
The more I hug it, the more I love it. >w<

Anyway~ Yesterday, went out with Yuki for photoshoot.
Took ... lots of photos, then went to eat lunch with her at Long John Silvers. =A=;;
After that, went to Daiso and buy batteries, then rushed to draw out Negimized's birthday present. @__@;

After meeting Negimized, the whole group of us went to Sentosa Express ( ... Monorail? ) and went to the beach. Had picnic there and enjoyed ourselves because there is a lot of fun there. xD
Sadly, I have to leave at about 8 PM. So, dragged Yuki ( sorry ) with me to go back to Bedok MRT station. After that, rushed to Black Technology and bought ChuXChuram. =w=;;
So yeah. xD

Ah well~ I will continue studying. =w=;;
-rushes off-


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