@ Sunday, September 14, 2008 ●

Okay~ On Friday, need to rush down to City Hall to buy my green wig. Well, the supplier have to go off, and good thing Yuki was there. Ah well, so continued rushing to meet Yuki. After meeting Yuki, went 7-Eleven to buy our lunch, which are ... 2 cup noodles, 1 oreo packet and one giant slurpee ( I think. ). Later, we brought our food and went to one of the staircases and eat our lunch~ Talk crap and do homework for about 2 hours, then rush to my house.

Damn the school, they don't allow Yuki in. TT___TT;;
So, followed her to the bus stop, then walked back to school. Then realised that I was 15 minutes late. Okay, nevermind. So we got ready for performance and went for it. Then next was the 'entertainment' place. Sat there with my broken back and dry throat with an empty stomach ( I reject all food. I wonder why. .A. ) and performed.

Had a little break. Went with Ayane and her friends who are scared of ghost. Anyway, walked behind the school where is all dark and saw two frogs and many lizards. Walked through any places where they said it is scary. Okay, so I proved to them that it is not scary. Ghosts are illusions, please. =A=;;
Walked to the exercise area where a group of students praying to ... something. Anyway, walked away until they left then went back to the exercise area again. Ayane then sang with her friend a song and I was trying to scare them. Bah, whatever.

So yeah, that is review for Friday.
Will continue laterr~

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