@ Tuesday, September 02, 2008 ●

Ordered more stuff from Black Technology. Damn, I hate these days. It is going to be a tight month for me because I have to pay my debts, I have to buy one more wig, and I have to ... look at my figure. .A.;;

Anyway, I will continue on with the stuff I just bought.

Kagamine Len from Vocaloid ( Figma )
Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid ( Figma )

Wahhh!~ Stop tempting meee~~ TT_____TT;;

SO, to add on my list... ._.;; :

S$95.00 ( Chu X Churam )
S$90.00 ( Hime-sama )
S$74.00 ( Djibril Zero )
S$49.00 ( Melissa Seraphy )
S$49.00 ( Pastel Ink )
S$38.00 X 2 ( Kagamine Len and Rin from Good Smile Company )
S$37.00 ( Konata Izumi )
S$32.00 X 2 ( Kagamine Len and Rin from Figma )
S$26.50 ( Yoko from Toppa Tenga Gurren Lagann )

Total - S$511.50

WAHHHHH. -kills temptation-


Someone donate me pleaseee~~ TwT;;

Ah well. So in about.. 100++ days, then I can pay. ( If my dad STILL gives me $10 everyday. .A. )

... and I don't want to say about what happened today. .A.



This is coming out soonnn. I wantttt. xD

Because it is very very niceeeee. Okay, so it is to decorate my empty shelf. ._.;;

Empty sia, the shelf! Placed Melissa Seraphy and Miku, still looks empty. I better demand for more money. .A.;;


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