@ Friday, October 31, 2008 ●


I bought a few more things. 8DD
Never update my list for a VERY long time. xDDD
I am lazy to upload photos. So go and find yourself.
... Or maybe I should. Just in case you are dumb enough. >_>

Yoko Nendoroid from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Hiyori Pixie from Chu X Chu IdolFigma Kagamine Len and Rin from Vocaloid
Nendoroid Kaito from Vocaloid (Finally~ My beloved~ ) Nendoroid Play Set A and B

and a few more. I can't remember. xD

Right, after attending the CO practise that I was not happy with last Saturday, I realised that we really have a lot of songs needed to have improvements on. SO PLEASE JUNIORS, stop reading my blog now and go and practise your Er Hu now. And I mean, NOW. D<

Alright~ Today, went out with Yuki and Izumi and had a great time with them today, especially with some window shopping at Comic Connection, the game shop beside it and Art Box. Since Izumi was thristy, we went to the first floor and realised there is a special student thingy for the sweet crepe, so we bought three together, and I pay for Yuki. TTwTT;;

Anyway, went all the way up to the food court, enjoyed and joked around at the food court. It seems I am the slowest among them. .A.


Maybe I will draw a Vocaloid halloween version. xD

Kaito as Vampire? Probably. After watching the king of darkness, I laughed so hard that I want to die. But he is dead sexy. KAITOOOOO~~ -glomps- <3

-flies away-


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