@ Wednesday, October 22, 2008 ●

Thanks to Silverwolf X for informing me~ xDD
After all, I still owe him some money for the figmas and nendoroids. xDD

KAITO NENDOROID. I am crazy now. xD
Can finally do yaoi with Len already. -gotshot-
Miku and Kaito. Lol.It will come with an ice-cream and scarf. The scarf is removable. Ahhh~~ I wonder when it will come to my houseee~~ xDD

... Especially with Miku. And with Len and Rin, if I ever get them. .x.;;

Bwahahahah~ And I think it will come with a bag too~~~
... -nosebleed-
I know Meiko is coming out too... But I don't like her, so I don't care. xD
As long as can do yaoi with L-

Good Smile Company! Do Kaito figma tooooo~~~~~ xDDD

So I can do extra yaoi on figma Len. LOL.
Okay, I am lame. Lol.

All images were taken by Mikatan from Good Smile Company. Lol~


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