@ Tuesday, November 25, 2008 ●

Changed the blogskin because I think it REALLLLLLY deserves a change
but not too ghey or cute

SO searched around affilates and affilates
and found some REALLLY pretty ones. Thank you internet, thank you.
I find Fatal Frame is a really nice game.

It also helped me not having a phobia of ghosts.
They don't exist anyway. So why bother?~
Whatever is it, DON'T TAKE THE CAMERA AND TAKE THE GHOST if you see one.
It will NEVER work. Please. =_=;

This also shows the sad past happened just because of rituals.
Fatal Frame II is about ... Twin sacrifice rituals..
Fatal Frame III is ... about the tattoo curse?

Don't know~ Never play or research that game~ xD

The song has changed too~
From Vanilla Salt to Koe ( Voice ).
Fatal Frame much?
Yeah. 8D

Tomorrow Today will be the day I am staying over in school~
Chinese Orchestra camp~
My group is ... VERY quiet.
Never bond, never talk.
You can hear a pin drop. But is just that the gym is too noisy. xD

Today was JUST too damn boring.
Seriously. The games are really very ....
boring too.
I hope this year's camp is not really that boring.

I can never sleep without it. OvO~
Bringing my diary and some mangas to read~
and my handphone. Sorry to break the rules, but I need it.

Hope you can see an invisible body there.
Click on it and she will come and eat you up.

Which you know will never happens. xD

†♠♣ 不思議の国 ♥♦†