@ Saturday, November 01, 2008 ●

Even if we are apart
Yes we are
The two sides of the star-sign that runs in the heavens
- ジェミニ by 鏡音レン。リン

I like that song, can't help it. xD'
That also includes HAKOBAKO PLAYER.
Sadly, I can't find the Romaji lyrics. If not, can sing along already. >:

Currently searching for Diva's costume from Blood+.
Yeah, gorey anime, you can say that. But her cold blue eyes just ... so nice. xD
and her reference are hard to find. >_>;;

Seriously, I can't even find a good reference I need. D:
Dammit. Need to read manga and find her reference.
I lazy~~~ xD

Okay, I need to buy Nigaito's and Alice's costume
... and Elwing's figurine. Crap.

-doses 200 sit-ups-


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