@ Monday, November 10, 2008 ●

... SO CUTEEEEEEEE. -shiny eyes-
Yeah, that is the voice over for Pikachu.
SO CUTE, RIGHT? >_______<;;

I feel like squeezing her cheeks.

Anyway~ Asking Rund to ask Haru for my Alice costume. =A=;;
Ah well. If not, I will ask Rund to make my costume. -glomps Rund-

Ah well. Climbed a few stair already...
Last night, climbed from the very first floor to the 25th floor.
then, go down again, and climb up again. @___@;

But ah well, for cosplay sake. =w=;;


Ah well. -sighs-
So boring nowadays~ And I have tuition homework to do.
Okay, off to do my tuition homework~ =w=;;


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