@ Sunday, November 16, 2008 ●

If all the raindrops are lemon drops and gum drops
Oh what a rain that will be...

.... Lemon drops kill eyes, excuse me. .A.

And I have no enough money. Rawr.

Anyway, nothing interesting, except for playing Pet Society in Facebook, becoming a fan of ... many many stuffs and talking to Yuki and Izumi. Besides that, nothing else. .A.

Planning to stay at Yuki's house during the two AFA days... So that means I can go out anywhere I want during the two days, because pratically, we don't have curfews. Unless Yuki ish tired, then yeah. .A.

Should I leak out a few cosplay plans here? Hmm... I will be good then. :3

Street Festival 2009 - Kaito from Vocaloid
Cosfest 2009 Day 1 - Rena from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ( Battle Version )
World Cyber Games 2009 - Aigis from Persona 3 ( Might change to Battle version )
EOY 2009 - Gauche Suede from Tegami Bachi ( Letter Bee uniform version )

Okay, there are more, but I don't want to leak all out. Just in case somebody steal my cosplay plans. >_>
In fact, next year is all full. =w=;;

My stomach ish starting to lose its appetite. So hopefully, slim down. TwT~

Knowing you, trembling in love, my confused wings
Are bared, soaked by rain, and woke life up
Fly away, for another day
“Call me with your voice”
- Yousei ( Fairy ) by May'n from Macross Frontier

Yeah, going for May'n concert and stay for two songs, then go liao. .A.
Aiya~ I r wants to go sleep~ =w=;;


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