@ Wednesday, November 12, 2008 ●

If it's just sweet
Then let's put salt on

- Vanilla Salt from Toradora!

I find this song really suits the relationship I am now with Elky. ._.;;
Can't help it. Everytime I wish something happens, it will happened the other way.
Crappy, but yeah.

Anyway~ Went out at about 11 AM to meet Yuki.
Then flew to Chinatown and find Rundaria.
Slacked in McDonalds' for about 1 hour while drawing Alice's costume out.
Then walked around People's Park Complex to buy the cloth for Alice's costume.
All was very fun until my mother called and decided to side with my sister, accusing me of using my sister's work product.

My mood was fucking spoilt because of it.
Then decided to go Yuki's house.
About 3 PM, went to her house and slacked until 5+ pm and go off for Manga class.
With Yuki's shoe. Trying on because scared it won't fit for EOY cosplay.

Manga class worse. My feet got a bit swollen and pain.
I don't feel like going back and... yeah.
So went out with my manga teacher until 10+ pm.
She bought 3 items for me to make me feel better.

The mood got real worse when I came back.
My father scolded me.
Then I went to bed crying.

I hope today will be a better day. ._.

I get hurt
I hurt you
It’s a naive preparation
Pre-Parade from Toradora! Opening song

†♠♣ 不思議の国 ♥♦†